Reg Stack
Network (RSN)

Reg Stack Network (RSN) is a permissioned based blockchain network developed by MiVote Technology. RSN has developed a digital stack on top of the Blockchain network for Communities, Governments and Corporate to communicate, interact, trade and conduct electoral processes for sustainable and development growth.

RSN protocol provides Decentralise Autonomous Organisation (DAO) . All DAOs are capable of developing a decentralised decision making platform for transparent, auditable, accountable consensus from diverse electoral constituencies.

RSN stack included software development kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs) that offer auditable data, analytics and electoral software to the entire electoral community ,to optimize and execute the entire electoral process with complete transparency, accountability and utmost confidence.

High Speed
Excellent Scalability
High Quality Finality

Largest Platform. Highest Engagement.

Decentralise Autonomous Organisation

Powered by MiVote Decision Coin ($MDC)

21st Century’s next generation communities run on Reg Stack Network (RSN): RSN gives global communities unprecedented super power to interact, engage and trade.


Self Regulation:
RSN incentive communities to operate without central control, empowers communities by giving them equal access in their governing system.


RSN disrupts the way communities, government, corporations govern themselves by democratising the decision making process in every walk of life.


Decentralise Finance (DeFi):
RSN empowers communities to run its own rules, like how to manage its own funds and trading.

Key Features


Global Electoral Sandbox:

RSN stack has developed permissioned based blockchain networks for voting and IAM services, added APIs and SKDs in its sandbox environment. RSN tokens which are stable tokens are used to pay network transaction charges for per voting and token transfers. RSN is capable of customising the sandbox for communities, corporations and governments to conduct remote and digital electoral mechanisms for democratric growth of organisations, nations and states.

Product: Sandbox will provide APIs and and SDKs for:

  • Blockchain Network
    Permission Based Blockchain Network
  • Blockchain Identity Services
    Blockchain Identity Services
  • Blockchain Explorer
    Blockchain Explorer
  • Blockchain Voting Services
    Blockchain Voting
    Services - DLT Ballot
    Box and Voting Wallet
  • Voting Token
    Voting Token and Wallet Creation

Sandbox Features:

  • Trust
    Trust &
  • Immutability
& Transparency
    Immutability & Anonymity
  • Transparency & Cost Effective
    Transparency & Cost Effective
  • Auditability & Accountability
    Auditability & Accountability
  • Data Privacy


Democracy and collaborative decision making have many flavors. Each country, institution, union or organisation may have their own interpretation of democracy, and their own rules to exercise it.

There is no one democracy to rule them all. Around the world we see direct and representative democracies, presidential and parliamentary, authoritarian and participatory, equal and weighted votes - the list goes on.

RSN enables democracy and participation that are in line with the various needs of different consumers. The RSN platform is therefore not opinionated, and unlike other alternatives, does not try to shoehorn the different methods of practice into a single box.

Using the RSN platform and the capabilities inherent with the development of smart contracts used through the platform, a customer setting up their votes can configure the ways the vote works in an efficient way, using mostly a graphical interface. $MDC is used to run community engagement and interaction applications.

Community engagement:
Product: DEX- Community token exchange and Community Engagement Mobile and Web Application:

  • Brand Tokenisation programme
  • Community Voting Programme
    Community Voting Programme
  • Community Monetisation Programme
    Community Monetisation Programme
  • Reward, Loyalty Point and Redeem Programme
    Reward, Loyalty
    Point and Redeem
  • Fundraising Programme
  • Community Smart Card Programme
    Smart Card

Community interaction:
Product and features:

  • Community Interactive Templates
    Community Interactive Templates
  • Sentiment Analysis Tools
    Sentiment Analysis Tools
  • AI supported policy research programme
    AI supported Policy Research Programme

Currency Ecosystem:
MiVote Decision Coin ($MDC)

Currency Ecosystem $MDC

Reg Stack Network Application:
Community Engagement
and Interaction

RSN Application