Our Story

“Evolution of democracy is not possible if we are not prepared to hear the other side.”
-Mahatma Gandhi.

Our Background

We began with the belief that digitising community interaction would protect our liberties, convictions, symbols, cultures, and right to self-determination. We believe that as normal human interactions become more digital, communities will be able to coexist and rebuild trust. As a result, we developed a digital platform for community interaction, allowing people to reclaim control over how decisions are made and policies are implemented.

We set out to learn more about how communities felt about freedom of thought, expression, speech, and belief, as well as the freedom to live in a safe environment. We travelled the world to organise roundtable discussions with decision-makers, legislators, assembly members, community leaders, youth forum members, labour union leaders, technology leaders, heads of political parties, heads of corporations, incubators, venture builders, accelerators, venture capitalists, and communities from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds.

In 2020, the year of the global pandemic, we felt it was critical to bring communities together so that they could cohabit and support one another. We developed the MiVote Technology, designed MiToken Platform, MiVote Citizenry Platform, and MiMeta Mobile application, for the next evolution of digital engagements.

We thank the Department for International Trade (U.K. Government), the Social Enterprise Exchange in Sheffield, Envestor Limited in London, London and Partners in London, Technoplat in London, and the Cooper Project in Sheffield for their support in establishing MiVote Technology and for believing in our mission, values, and virtues.

Our Vision

We believe that transparent and accountable digital engagements will aid in the transformation of the world into a stronger and more equitable society in which people can express themselves, share their interests, and take ownership.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together governments, businesses, and communities from various socioeconomic backgrounds in the MiToken Platform, MiVote Citizenry Platform and MiMeta mobile application so that people can regain control over the decisions they make and the policies they implement.

Our Pledge

"We promise to bring communities together and connect them with people."

We have committed to collaborating closely with communities, governments, and businesses to create a digital engagement platform for them to use. Our promise to the people was to provide them with peace, justice, and strong institutions.

Our History


Democracy is the most contentious issue in modern history.

While technological advances have been made to address issues in people's lives over the years, none have contributed to the development of a smart nation. This thought inspired our founder, Joydeep Mondal, to develop the concept of digital engagement for transparent and accountable decision-making.


Our founder began to validate the concept of digital engagement for better governance and strong democracy by participating in numerous roundtable conferences, accelerator programmes, and community meetups.


Our co-founder Disha joined the team as part of the ongoing research and development. We created a mini prototype version of the concept's fundamental digital engagements of communities across all sectors.

We presented the prototype to Nimo Namani, co-founder of HorizonState, in order to validate our work. During subsequent interactions, Nimo introduced the team to MiVote's founder, Adam Jacoby.


The MiVote democracy movement worked with us to establish a new MiVote movement chapter in India.

We travelled to many cities and towns together and saw a pressing need for a community-driven decision-making platform.


To support the MiVote movement, we planned and designed a decision-making platform as well as digital engagement tools.

Our founder began pre-accelerator and accelerator programmes at NatWest in London and Social Enterprise Exchange in Sheffield, both in the United Kingdom.


To establish MiVote Technology, our team was introduced to Alpesh Patel, a dealmaker at the Department for International Trade (UK Government). DIT invited us to establish our headquarters as part of their Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP).

MiVote Technology (MT) was founded in the United Kingdom, with headquarters in Sheffield. Envestor Limited endorsed our founder and co-founder for the UK's startup and innovation visa programme.

MiVote Technology was accepted into the accelerator / business growth programmes of London and Partner and Technoplat.


MiVote Technology's brand-building journey has begun. MiVote Technology collaborated with the MiVote global democracy movement.

MiToken Platform, MiVote Citizenry Platform, and MiMeta mobile app were developed.


MiVote Technology launched its go-to-market strategy in Sheffield with the 'Cooper Project.'

To support the MiToken platform, MiVote Citizenry Platform, and MiMeta mobile application, we created MiToken ($MIT), a digital currency with the goal of becoming a leading cryptocurrency in various exchanges around the world.

MiVote Technology displayed the MiMeta mobile application from the UK government pavilion at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

We launched the MiToken Platform, MiVote Citizenry Platform, MiMeta mobile application, and MiToken $MIT future roadmap. We released the go-to-market materials and platform.