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What is MiVote?

A decentralized, decision making platform that helps to develop transparent, auditable, accountable consensus from diverse electoral constituencies.

MiVote has developed Reg-Stack-Network (RSN), a unique voting platform, which has been built using Blockchain Technology and Distributive-Ledger-Technology (DLT), thus making it the first of its kind in the world.

MiVote’ RSN intends to distribute “RSN Decision Token” that would rely on the self-regulating Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

This in-turn would offer auditable data, analytics and electoral software to the entire electoral community, to optimize and execute the entire electoral process with complete transparency, accountability and utmost confidence.

What is Reg Stack Network?

MiVote Technology has built "Reg Stack Network" (RSN) to develop Decentralise Autonomous Organisations (DAO) on a permission based interoperable blockchain network. RSN is offering smart contract, communication layer, data store, crypto abstraction, identity management and therefore serving the RegTech and Fin Tech industries. RSN's marketplace is offering data, analytics, software and services that enables the customers to optimize and execute their business vision with confidence.

RSN's customers are as basic corporates as well as federal governments at any level and everything in between. RSN is meant for those who are looking for secure, trust, scalable Distributive Ledger Technology (DLT) based electoral process for immutable recording of votes and anonymous voter's identity. RSN's blockchain network which functions on Redundant Byzantine Fault Tolerance (RBFT) for consensus development, helps to bring the solutions to the customers and eventually takes innovative approach to transform the customers into Decentralise Autonomous Organisations (DAO).

RSN connects is developing interaction field marketplace for its DAOs. The interaction field is a digital platform intentionally organised to generate, facilitate and benefit from interactions rather than transaction. RSN has been designed to facilitate communication, engagement, and information exchange among multiple people and the allied ecosystem, just not limited to anybody. Unlike interactions that, facilitates trade or deal flows, these interactions don't always focus on just one outcome.

RSN aims to evolve as validated global data bank for the said marketplace for its DAOs. Eventually, RSN will address the needs and the voices of the DAOs. Hence, the interaction field empowers all the supply chain participants in its eco system. However, the DAOs control their data through cryptographic encryption via agnostic blockchain token mechanism.

RSN is working to build consortium model to work with various industries by leveraging Distributive Ledger Technology (DLT). Decentralise decision making applications in interaction field would be debated over the role of a 'centralised' authority, creating and administering distributed ledgers with defined business rules versus open-source public blockchain network. While the former offers stronger governance in the electoral process, the deliberations and dialogue between the policy makers would be perceived in the coming days, in relation to the benefits of DLTs versus the Public blockchain network like Ethereum and Bitcoin. RSN is committed to invest in research and development on the role of a DLT based electoral process versus the open-source models, especially in the context of regulatory requirements and reporting, in order to ascertain the appropriate level of governance required.

What does Reg Stack Network do?

We are designing the future of communities and corporations, across private and government sectors.

Reg Stack Network (RSN, developed by Mivote Technology) has built a Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAO) on a permission based blockchain network, that can conduct decentralised voting and facilitate collaborative decision making for its community. These DAOs, are being built on Distributive Ledger Technology (DLT) for maintaining the records of every parameter that involves in the consensus development from diverse constituencies. These records are offering data and analytics that enable the DAOs of the RSN to optimize and execute their business vision with confidence. RSN supports collaborative decision-making application interface and voting software that helps DAOs in interacting within the community as well as with the other communities, in every corner of the world. The essence of RSN is that it keeps "immutable" records of every interaction happening in the DAOs for further audit.

RSN is developing an accountable governing system for these DAOs by providing layers of security protocols and blockchain based digital certificates. These protocols will provide interaction permission to these DAOs in the permission based Blockchain Network which is also being developed by RSN. It must be noted here that every interaction is tokenized. These DAOs are provided with a unique blockchain IDs for its members and the electorates, while maintaining the anonymity. It improves the state of transparency and accountability in the art of the community-engagement-services. This anonymity empowers the community -- since it increases the engagements, participations, stockholdings and partnerships with the respective governing institutions.

RSN is aligned with the United Nation Sustainable and Development Goals which has defined the parameters of global governance and democracy in their goals #16 and #17. RSN's vision is to build technology that could be used to measure and monitor the parameters community interactions and UN SDGs which will eventually contribute for international peace, security and justice.